11 Jan 2006 18:09 #1109378897 by Nielojram
Replied by Nielojram on topic Re:Newbie
Since there seem to be more people who've introduced themselves in this thread, I thought I'd introduce myself to you as well. :)
My name is Marjolein, I'm 16, and I live in Holland.
Oh, and this site looks really awesome btw!!! :cheer:

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11 Jan 2006 19:16 #1109378898 by Kassiel
Replied by Kassiel on topic It's not easy being green...
Hi Marjolein! Welcome aboard! Thanks for delurking!;)

And Honey--I'm so jealous! I have to wait until the fall for my trip to England and I'm not quite sure what shows I might be seeing then. (Btw--isn't there another Fiennes doing a play in London at the moment?) As for that trip to NY--well that does it--I'm officially green with envy now! <Sigh> One of these days I will actually manage to spend some quality time in NYC rather than just race through on the way from point A to B. (And how lovely that Nat spent time there with his family right before the holidays.) Can you imagine running into him there on the street? I swear I'd expect to hear Rod Sterling's voice just then, LOL!


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  • honey
11 Jan 2006 22:27 #1109378902 by honey
Replied by honey on topic Re:It's not easy being green...
hello Kassiel
I know that RF's brother Joe is doing a play in London..can't remember the name. He's a fine actor as well..but I have this thing for Ralph. I was in London twice this past year seeing RF doing Julius Ceaser he played Marc Anthony. I saw RF in NYC just last month at a talk night at the Lincoln Center and they showed his films The Constant Gardner and The End of the Affair...two wonderful films. He talked about his career and then asnwered questions...I of course along with 7 other friends had front row..LOL!!!!! Oh how I wish Nat would do things like would be lovely to see him sitting on stage talking about his career. I enjoy just watching him read bedtime stories!! LOL

And welcome Nielojram.... Enjoy it here!!


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12 Jan 2006 01:18 #1109378904 by Kassiel
Replied by Kassiel on topic Wishful theater thinking
Wow! Front row for a Fiennes! That would leave me smiling like an idiot for DAYS! LOL! ;-D

You're right, it really would be wonderful if Nat could find the time to do things like that--but it kind of goes hand in hand with finding the time to do theater. He's lucky enough to keep busy doing film and televsion--and let's face it--one doesn't get rich doing theater. <sigh>

I'll also a huge fan of Sam West's work, (he recently did an ep of Lynley) and I'm hoping he'll be doing a little something on stage later this year. I know he's directing quite a bit lately but it's not the same as seeing him up on that stage himself.

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