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Hi everybody!
First of all I have to apologize for not introducing myself earlier. I just recently found this section and realized how impolite I have been.
Some years ago our TV broadcast The Inspector Lynley Mysteries and by the first episode I was hooked on. I never watched much films, I was more a classical music lover, that is why Nathaniel Parker was unfamiliar to me. Only then I bought a computer, didn`t know much how to use it but succeeded in finding this wonderful website, searched Nathaniel`s projects and started purchasing from Amazon. I was nearly three years a guest, last autumn I gathered up my courage and became a member.
I`m a retired nurse from Finland, I have children and grandchildren but still plenty of time for watching DVDs and especially listening to audio books by Nathaniel, I can`t do without them any more.
And now I`ve plenty of "work" studying these messages and getting to know all the other members - it takes days!
My best regards to all and lots of thanks to webmistress for this excellent and enjoyable site!
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28 Mar 2014 10:33 #1109395149 by inspector
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Welcome Marja:). Enjoy your stay here!

I also watched the Inspector Lynley Mysteries at first. Later I became a great fan of Nathaniel Parker's audio books and listened to lots of them.

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29 Mar 2014 08:30 - 29 Mar 2014 08:31 #1109395150 by Nenne
Replied by Nenne on topic Introduction
Hyvää päivää Marja,

and welcome to this wonderful site. What a terrific way to learn how to use the computer and internet! I found the site by searching Sharon Small and was directed here. :D It made me understand what my mother was talking about when the Lynley Mysteries were aired as she referred to Nat's character in Piece of Cake, which I mostly had avoided since I don't like plane crashes. (Unfortunately, I was to witness one in central Stockholm in 1993) and I still am a bit reluctant to watching PoP due to that. But everything else I've gotten hold of I enjoy a lot. And the audiobooks are perfekt travel copanions to and from work.

Hope you'll continue to enjoy our company.

Now I'm off to a conference cruise to Mariehamn.


Sorrr, my Finnish is so limited. I can only greet you and order a very simple meal: Makkara ja sinappi. Kiitos.

"My love, I would love to come with you but you must first build me a palace" :D
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29 Mar 2014 09:04 #1109395152 by centaur
Replied by centaur on topic Introduction
Dear Inspector!
Thank you for answering me so quickly here and also my former messages in other sections, that`s very kind of you.
By the way, in some of the first messages here I discovered the reason: parkeritis. Yes, that`s it, it still is as contagious and they haven`t invented a vaccine yet!
Like all the other infected I naturally love the films, too. First you notice the looks, the eyes, the whole performing, the voice, and there you are, you want more and more. Unfortunately there are so many films out of reach, or at least out of my reach, that is just to be accepted.
These clips on this website are so nice and give some relief if you can`t see the whole film, as well all the interviews and shows, very lovely indeed!

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29 Mar 2014 09:24 - 29 Mar 2014 09:27 #1109395153 by inspector
Replied by inspector on topic Introduction
Hello Marja,
I don't known which of NP's films you have seen​, but maybe this link will help to find some more

I think I'm infected too ;) , so much that I went to England to watch NP on stage too. It was great, especially to watch "Wolf Hall" and "Bring up the Bodies". Nat is a great Henry VIII! And all the other actors are great too.

Best wishes
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29 Mar 2014 14:24 #1109395154 by centaur
Replied by centaur on topic Introduction
God eftermiddag Anne

You may be aware that in Finland we are supposed to speak Swedish well, but I have to confess that my Swedish is just lousy. We all study it at school but I never needed to use it. Still I read and write it tolerably (with a dictionary). Well, it`s almost the same with my English, I don`t speak it either.

I understand your mother`s opinion about Piece of Cake, that is one of my favorites, too, despite the war and plane crashes, which are terrible. And I also understand your reluctance, it`s impossible to put seeing that kind of accident out of your mind.
By the way, in the last episode of Piece of Cake Flash, when sitting on the shore shooting sea gulls, says something in Swedish, and I can`t figure out what, maybe you or your mother could? (The clip on Movies M-P)

I am sure I`ll enjoy very much staying here changing views, opinions and experiences.

Tack så mycket för ditt meddelande!


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