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Hi everyone
Just joined today and already love the site.
I became a Nat fan when I met him in Stratford and was amazed at how approachable he was, not to forget that he is a fantastic actor and admire both qualities about him :)

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02 May 2014 08:38 - 02 May 2014 08:39 #1109395174 by webmistress
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Hi Vicky,

glad you decided to join us. The plays are fantastic, aren't they? And - I am a fan of Nat so one might think I have to say this - but this really is a fabulous performance! Not quite the Henry VIII you see usually. Very differentiated character. Sometimes you almost feel sorry for him ;) Unless that changeling starts to - well changing his mind again.

And yes Nat is a nice chap, almost always has time for his fans, chats and stuff... So happy that you met him at Stratford.

Any questions you might have regarding the website - just ask.



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02 May 2014 09:06 - 03 May 2014 03:01 #1109395175 by centaur
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Hi Vicky

I`m very pleased to be able to welcome you to this wonderful site, I`m quite a beginner myself.

You`ve presumably already noticed the extent of the contents you can find here to enjoy. Our magnificent webmistress kindly keeps us updated with new photos, clips and news when available.

And your own opinions of everything are very welcome, we like to exchange ideas with you.

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