how do you do to be so multiples and singulary

29 Apr 2008 09:12 #1109384151 by musu
private event give me times for choosing sphere of activities :net,paintings on books and net as my student old past , books,audio books, movies(...)alls..etc.each of them don't needs too physical efforts.ill' do whatever i can to continue to exist.
i spend many times to discovers movies i'll never seen before or or see ideal was too the first time i saw your tv movie[/size]:you are amasing man.

how do you feels to give so slight difference to your interpretation without affectedness?your face's tilt confimr your ease showing all colors of the human souls?
i see you mount a doubt, its your élément, mine too before.they give us pleasure and make me feel free , no contraints, no hillness.nothing else the hose and you..

thanks for that subtlety and your range's voices too so various.

christine, france
i expect you apologizes my awfull english

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