Thank you very much for the play

25 May 2008 21:53 #1109384344 by Amparo
Thank you very much for the play was created by Amparo
Dear Nat! :)
On Saturday I had the honour and good fortune to see in the play in Windsor. I went along with two other fans, Claudia and Lisa. The three we were very impressed by the play and your staging was fantastic, we excite much.
I recognize that previously, we three, had read the book Quatermain's Terms, in order to better understand the play, because our mother tongue is not English, if not for the German Claudia and Lisa , And Spanish for me. In this way we understand everything much better. But your opportunity presents itself exceeded all our expectations. Nat none of the three we can forget seeing seated on the stage by saying: Oh Lord, Oh Lord!!. We excite much.
This weekend in which I traveled to Windsor to see you only in the play, and to learn about the same time Claudia and Lisa, has been the most fantastic I've never had. When he returned to Spain on the plane, I felt like Cinderella after the ball: the carriage of gold had become a pumpkin and white steeds in two small mice.
Finally wanted to thank you for being so kind to us after the play. I know who must be very tired, but still you were wonderful and charming you were with us, thank you for everything Nat, you're an extraordinary man and very special.
Many greetings.:)
Amparo from Spain.

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27 May 2008 17:36 #1109384367 by kristen
Replied by kristen on topic Re:Thank you very much for the play
Dear Nat,

What a shocking sight on a rainy afternoon in Oxford: to find Inspector Lynley in the queue at the BP station while I was lost, with my family, trying to find our Oxford lunch date! You could not have been more gracious in both receiving my admiring remarks about your work, and trying to help us find our way. What a gentleman. Just what one expects of an Englishman helping a damsel in distress (not much distress, but still, it's lovely).

Looking forward to seeing you perform in Windsor: we saw the posters when we were at "Murder on Air" and are very keen to see the play. Best of luck.

xx Kristen (aka silly lost American in petrol station)

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