A truly pretty family!

08 Jul 2008 06:21 #1109384808 by Amparo
A truly pretty family! was created by Amparo
Dear Nat::)
The fans have seen your family photo at the premiere of High School Musical. You have a very pretty family.
You should feel you very proud of herB) . You have a daughter that seems to you, and the other daughter seems its mother (that is to say your wife), this is perfect, that more can want a father?.
To my father he to have liked also to have a family thus, but in my case I have an eye of my mother and another eye of my father:blink: , with this my face seems a picture of Picasso:laugh: , with a larger eye than another:S. Oh pardon, already I am leaving me the message:blush: .
All in all, I mean that you have a precious family and that because of it I give you my more cordial congratulations.:)
Many greetings:kiss: .

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09 Jul 2008 01:50 #1109384829 by Stardust12706
Replied by Stardust12706 on topic Re:A truly pretty family!
Oh, I absolutely agree with you, Amparo!

Nathaniel, you have a very beautiful family! You are very lucky! :) You are blessed with a gorgeous wife and two precious daughters. What more can you ever want? :cheer:

I wish you all the best and future happiness to you and your incredible family! :kiss:


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