Two Million

25 Sep 2008 16:08 #1109385618 by Amparo
Two Million was created by Amparo
Dear Nat!:)
Congratulations to you Nat and to Jessika. B)
Thank you very much for taking part of your time to your fans.
Now you know that besides your mum, you have 1,999,999 more fans .;) :laugh:
You're the best.
Lovely greetings from Spain.:kiss:

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28 Sep 2008 17:12 #1109385658 by Jolleke
Replied by Jolleke on topic Re:Two Million
Yeah, Amparo is right ofcourse.

Congratulations, there are a lots of fans all over the world.
All youre work is appreciate..:woohoo:

It must takes a lot of work for keeping this site actual. How many hours are you spending Jessica??

And ofcourse also lots of thanks to Nathaniel, because without his support, it would not be the same...

Greetings, Jolanda.

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