Nat thanks for being as you are!!

09 Dec 2008 20:16 #1109386242 by Amparo
Nat thanks for being as you are!! was created by Amparo
Hi Nat! :)
This message is just to thank you for being yourself.
I do not know if you have you stopped to think for a moment, the great influence or impact you have on many people, not just me talking to your charities. I know that collaborate in so many works of charity, that despite so much need in the world, you have a heart so large that even if you could collaborate with absolutely all the needs of the world, yet would be a huge place in your heart for many more things.
But I do not mean this as a direct influence, is something much simpler, it is simply that the fact that you exist and you're there, you've accomplished that many people, who are scattered throughout the whole world, we are united and well-known, we've made authentic friendship.
Tonight I feel a little melancholy and now I was thinking that I could not imagine my life without my friends from the forum of your Nat's site, I can not imagine not write to my friend Claudia, or my friend Lisa, whose friendship was completed when we we went to see yourself in the play to Windsor.
Nor can I imagine being without our beloved Jessika that such an enormous effort done to enable this fantastic Site and whom I hope will soon be able to greet and hug them directly. At the same time, I hope impatient to read the messages of Pitzel, on the other side of the ocean, whom I hope to have the good fortune to know someday. And I love it when someone new joins the rest of this big family that we are your fans.
In addition Nat you've opened so many prospects and great hopes in many people, I needed that tonight, once again, thank you for everything. Because everything that I tell, it has been possible thanks to you dear Nat.
Thank you very much for being who you are.
With all my affection and respect.
Amparo from Spain.:kiss:

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10 Dec 2008 04:22 #1109386246 by Gitti
Replied by Gitti on topic Re:Nat thanks for being as you are!!
Hi Amparo,

I just read your message for Nat and I must say you are absolutely right! I cannot express my thoughts as well as you, but I agree with you 1000%.

Nathaniel is very unique. I don't know him in person but it seems he is very warmhearted with all the people that he meets.

Amparo I wish you, Nathaniel and his family and all the people round the world a very merry Christmas!:kiss:

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