Christopher Timothy on BBC Breakfast

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Hi ya

Christopher Timothy was on BBC Breakfast this very morning, giving some insights into his work and Quartermaine's Terms. He said that he got the feeling that all of them are actually still rehearsing and that everyone's in good spirits. He told the hosts a bit about how he likes the high skill of Simon Gray's writing abilities and that everyone's very proud to have the chance not just to do one of his best plays but also that Gray actually took the time to watch on of 'em rehearsals a few weeks back whilst they weren't text-perfect at all. Christopher Timothy went on to say that the crew is actually great fun to work with and that "hopefully" they'll have a chance to play "in the town" after they've finished the tour.



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:woohoo:Hi Jessika
Thank you for the info┬┤s. Christopher Timothy was also wonderful in the play.
Greetings Lisa

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