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While surfing around I came across the "RSC Performance Database (Name Search)"

It's not the best user interface but if you put Nathaniel Parker into the Name box and search it brings up all of the RSC performances you would expect (i.e. the ones in the "list of work" theatreology PDF on this site) but it also lists performances in Newcastle in early 1987 that are not mentioned.

Try Anna Patrick too!


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Hi Net,

yep. Thanks for the link I didn't list all locations since they are all the same plays... The RSC did send the crew to London and Newcastle, but they were all the very same productions... Anyways, did you see the pics from those in the Gallery? Whish I had the chance to see the production back in the eighties. I missed Nat exactly by one season... I was in some RSC productions a year after Nat was in their troupe...



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