Meeting Nat at the Gielgud theatre - 18 May 2013

20 May 2013 11:24 #1109395013 by sarzy2
Hi all,

I was very lucky to have met Nat on Saturday with my friend Donna. So please see the attached photos and my report (the report isn’t long as it was all over in about 5 minutes).

We didn’t see the play today but as we had tried 3 times to meet up to see Nat and each of these occasions didn’t happen we were both determined that Saturday 18 May was to be the day.

When I met Nat a couple of months ago I told him I would be coming up to the theatre on his birthday with a special birthday surprise so I had bought him a birthday card and some cakes.

Donna and I met just after 1pm and went straight to the stage door. We so lucky that we decided to met at this time because when I met Nat before he was really late like 2.05pm but this time he was early.

There were already a group of fans of Helen Mirren there waiting for her and she arrived literally within about 10 minutes of us arriving so I told Donna to keep an eye out for Nat and went into the crowd to see if I could get an autograph which I did and I managed to get a photo too of Helen. Just as she was going into the theatre I heard Donna yell it’s Nat, Sarah there’s Nat and was like ‘WHERE!!’ he was literally in the entrance of the stage door so I yelled NAT NAT and thank fully he heard and came back out. There were a few others that wanted him to sign stuff so I let them go first and took piccies of him whilst I waited.

He finally turned to me and I said Happy birthday Nat and I gave him my card and cakes and he was so funny he said ‘sshhh don’t tell anyone’ and said ‘Oh thank you very much’ I asked for a photo with him which he happily obliged.
Donna then had her photo with him and I said enjoy the cakes and he said I will thank you and said goodbye and then he was gone.

Enjoy the photos. I have more if fans would like me to post them. Please do not post these anywhere else without my permission.

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22 May 2013 19:59 #1109395018 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Meeting Nat at the Gielgud theatre - 18 May 2013
Hi Sarzy,

what a nice Birthday surprise for Nat. Thanks for sharing, and sure if you like to you can post more pics here. Please be aware that everyone out there is able to read and see your stuff and possibly will copy things...



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30 Apr 2015 20:34 #1109395242 by C_Bronte618
Replied by C_Bronte618 on topic Meeting Nat at the Gielgud theatre - 18 May 2013
Wow, what a great story and very nice pictures Sarzy! What a wonderful experience you can share with others for a long time to come. :cheer: -- Ann M.

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