Nat on Daybreak!

08 Oct 2011 11:54 - 08 Oct 2011 11:55 #1109394103 by Amparo
Nat on Daybreak! was created by Amparo
Hi Jessika! :)
Many thanks for put this lovely vid of Nat's interview. I love it, above all when Nat talk with Lord Agravaine's voice, :woohoo: really fantastic. And Nat was very funny as always.:lol:
A love this video :silly:
Many greetings.
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08 Oct 2011 16:03 #1109394104 by Nenne
Replied by Nenne on topic Nat on Daybreak!
Dear Jessika,

I concur with Amparo on the great clip from the morning show.

As they besides Merlin discussed the cuts within the BBC, I think Nat is right in worrying about the risk of less drama productions in the future. As BBC for me and for many others stands for good quality drama which has been a great source for language and literature studies is something that must not be forgotten. And the quality programs are guaranteed a sure export, that politicians and economists must remember.

It's good that Nat can be fun and also speak his mind in the same show is awesome. Keep on, Nat!



"My love, I would love to come with you but you must first build me a palace" :D

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08 Oct 2011 20:18 #1109394110 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic Nat on Daybreak!
Hello Nenne, Jessika and the rest fans :cheer: .
I just saw the missing parts of the video. I had so much fun :laugh: , Nat has been even more fun :lol: . I was delighted when Nat was coming to look them straight in the eyes, I laughed a lot. :laugh:
Thank you for completing the video.

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08 Oct 2011 21:42 #1109394111 by Carrie77
Replied by Carrie77 on topic Nat on Daybreak!
Hello all,

I agree with Nenne, it is very good that Nat could speak his mind and still be humorous all the same. I thought he was brilliant in the interview and I think it is marvelous that he is concerned over the changes that have been made. I look foreward to hearing more of his thoughts on this topic in the near future. I admire him even more for his ability to not only act, but to take part in discussing change. If more of us would get involved in such matters the possiblities could be endless.

Bravo, Nat...please continue to inspire those of us "humanitarians" who care.


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