BBC Breakfast Polo

17 Mar 2012 22:29 #1109394543 by LynnGwyneth
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Hi, All! :) Jessika, thanks so much for the clip! Wow, I would never have been able to see this if not for comoing to this site, I really appreciate it!!! :) :D :)

I thought that it looked like great fun. Of course, I haven't been on a horse since I was seven (?) and a Girl Scout, so I'll bet I'd ride like a sack of Idaho Reds. LOL!

It looked really difficult to me. Judging from Nat's comments, the horses are really sweet and well-trained. He implied it's just super fun for actual riders.

*le sigh*

He does look magnificent on a horse. One of the ladies here (I think it was Saskia or Sasha? --forgive me for forgetting your name) said that Nat was a very accomplished horseman and had an excellent seat. ;)

So to speak. ;)

OK OK before you throw potatoes (from that sack of Idaho Reds) at me, I'm just kidding. WEll, not really. LOL, In my dreams! (Actually, recalling that shower scene from "For the Sake of Elena"... erm :silly: :silly: :silly: um... ah where was I?) Oh yes, "seat"...

Ahem. Yes, the clip. Very educational, and loads of fun when the horse passed gas and Nat said "That was you!" to the person beside him. :P :P :laugh: :laugh: I have such a low-brow sense of humor. Shameless really.

So verdict: LOADS of FUN and THANK YOU Jessika!!!!! :) :D :)

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22 Apr 2012 15:41 - 22 Apr 2012 15:43 #1109394602 by webmistress
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Hi Lynn,

glad you've been enjoying it. I wouldn't know my "seat" if I was to sit on horses. Not even sure if I found it afterwards... I can only imagine ;) Well nothing comes from nothing - that's what I say B)

But Nat's busy doing his training for the race he's doing later this year. Hope all goes well for him there. Not easy doing the jockey thing... physically I mean.



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