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23 Oct 2011 14:03 #1109394137 by Nenne
Merlin IV Poll was created by Nenne
Dear Nat-fans,

I really enjoy the poll that's open for us to show our opion on Merlin IV. And we can be as biased as we want... ;)

But, I am somewhat confused about how to assess Nat's participation. I have come to the conclusion that there are two answers I want to give without contradicting myself. Has anyone else experienced the same? hee

I'm looking forward to see what happens in Camelot in the future.


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23 Oct 2011 14:34 #1109394138 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic Merlin IV Poll
Dear Nenne. :)
To me the same thing happens like to you, it's difficult to choose between these two options :huh: .
Aithusa's chapter, I love it! , has also been fun :lol: . I'm enjoying a lot of the series, and Nat does a great job B) , sometimes I can hardly think about who is more evil :evil: , if Lord Agravaine or Lady Morgana. But I love both :silly: .

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23 Oct 2011 15:14 #1109394140 by Gitta
Replied by Gitta on topic Merlin IV Poll
Dear Nenne,

Same with me. It took a while before I knew what I had to click.
I've only seen the trailers. I can not see the BBC, unfortunately.


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