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After switching over to English version every now and then I would say the german synchronization is definitely not one of the best in german filming history. I think it is missing a bit of dramatic. In English the story sounds more historical and … how can I say… "deep"? Probably it is always better to watch the original. And it helps to improve your English aswell ;)

Hi Martina,

most of the German dubbing is done too fast these days and I think there's simply not much detail in it. I've been complaining on and off about the Lynley dubbing. The subtle banters between Lynley and Havers simply don't come through. Of course they do have to match the actual mouth movements with the words you're hearing, so it doesn't seem too strange - but... ah well.

If you can get hold of the English versions I'd always prefer those. But thankfully the German DVDs come with the original versions - most of the time!



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Hi Jess,
I haven´t seen the english Lynley yet, but probably you are right. The original version is always the best and the closest to the story.
I think when they create a film in any language, they conform all parts of it to the original country. And when you do a dubbing (I´ve learned a new word ! *g*) you are just trying to help the people catch the story.

While I was studying english ( 100 years ago ... and I haven´t finished as you can guess *g*) the teachers used to say "when you translate a sentence, you will destroy it".

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