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Dear all,

I liked Downton Abbey too, very much indeed. Of course it's quite another story. A costume drama about WW I, it's influence on the lives of Lord Grantham, his family, and his servants. There are some love stories too, above all the agonizing development of the love between Lady Mary (the eldest daughter) and the designate heir of Lord Grantham. Fortunately this love story has a happy ending!

You see: it's no disgrace to have lost against Downton Abbey.

Hi Dagif,

absolutely not a disgrace to have "lost" to DA. Quite the contrary - I think Merlin was in very fine company and having said this I think that the nomination is a great honour! :blush:

Merlin is great entertainment and I enjoyed it so much. I've been "preparing" with the first three seasons and I came to like the way the tale is being re-told. B) I'm somewhat curious how it will evolve now with series 5 about to be made. I mean the stuff is dark, eh? I wonder how they will mange to keep up all that banter and joking, but so far the script writers did well. :)

And who knows. Maybe Agravaine will return? :whistle:



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Hi :) ,
I don't know Downton Abbey as yet, but I will try to watch it too. I love "happy ends".
Regarding Merlin I love this series very much and I am hoping that magic will help Agravaine to survive ;).
:) :laugh: :)

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