mediocre update sto the site

31 Aug 2007 10:48 #1109382463 by webmistress
mediocre update sto the site was created by webmistress
Dear All,

Just one thing today. I had to go through some minor update procedures for our system in order to keep the site up-to-date technically. Security surely takes its toll. Sorry for any inconvenience caused because of a short off-line phase. :silly:

Also I'd love you to report any strange things you might observe like being suddenly unable to log in or update your profile, strange things happening in the forum (handling-wise, eh :P ) etc... I did not have the time to check everything in detail. So if you do happen to stumble upon any glitches please let me know via the contact button . :whistle:

Thanks & Enjoy! :woohoo:


webmistress => looking like this after the last few hours => :S

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31 Aug 2007 11:20 #1109382464 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic mediocre update sto the site
Thanks Jessi! ;) :)
I had thought that my computer did not go well, when my username asked me continuously and my password:blink: .
Now already it functions correctly (that I believe:whistle: ).
I expect that of this :S pass to this B) :)
Many greetings.

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22 Sep 2007 23:32 #1109382634 by gamerchick02
Replied by gamerchick02 on topic mediocre update sto the site
Not a huge problem here (and I'm not even sure this has anything to do with the site) but I have "new" highlighted next to certain parts of the board. I click on them (open in new tabs) and nothing shows up as new. IE, there are no "new" highlights next to threads.

I'm running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04, with Flock I haven't really tried it with any other browser, but I have Firefox and Opera running on this side of my machine, as well as IE 7 and Firefox running on the Windows XP side of my machine.

Might just be an issue with my cookies (too bad they're not chocolate chip!).


PS: I do like the improvements you've done. Keep up the good work!!

Edit: Got the version number wrong... Sheesh, 7.10 is Gutsy Gibbon, not Feisty Fawn. It's not out til next month... :blink:

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19 Nov 2007 07:48 #1109382959 by Gitti
Replied by Gitti on topic mediocre update sto the site
Hi Jessi,

just had a look on the new created site! Congratulation! I like the new style!:woohoo:

So many nice pictures from Nat :woohoo:

Many thanks for your hard work!:kiss:


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