30 Nov 2007 02:35 #1109383057 by Songbird
Replied by Songbird on topic Fresh!

Oh Jessi!!!
I just love the new site look!!!
I haven’t been here in a long while…life has a strange way of taking over -_-
I just had to drop a line and comment!

Have a fantastic day!!
Songbird ^_^

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30 Nov 2007 04:44 #1109383059 by Wolfself
Replied by Wolfself on topic Fresh!
When the site was taking down for awhile I was sitting at my computer frustrated:
"Argh! Why won't it OPEEEN :angry:" *swings around*
I can't help myself you people and this site is ADDICTING! D:! (in a good way of course)And THEN it came back and wolfie was all:
"YES! Gotta go spam"(as usual) and so I did.
First of all, I liked so much how you kept it simple, it doesn't have to have millions of stupid css crap to look nice, this is what I like! The colors are simple not melting my eyes or trying fry my brain. Well I had (still am) having trouble with the Nat's in the corner, this is not because it looks awful, it's great, I swear! But I have a problem that I can't have any posters on my wall where there are people who are STARING right at me! I feel... I dunno D:!Weird!
But but but, some of the pictures I totally adore :D! So I'm getting used to it ^^!
What's more =[... hmmm I hope our lovely Jess didn't have too much trouble with this site as we all just sat back and went crazy *poke at self*
Geh, I'm gonna go eat breakfast, see ya later!

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01 Dec 2007 00:07 #1109383066 by gamerchick02
Replied by gamerchick02 on topic Fresh!
Yes. I do like the new look.

Well done, webmistress!


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