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...and what they can do to you.

Just a short hint. Just today I've been having some misunderstanding with a member of this site complaining about supposedly having been banned and not being helped good enough. This is not the case - as in 99% of all things happening here. Most of the time the PCs used have some weird security functions preventing you from logging in (nothing I can do about it) or you simply not getting important messages (see above)... The funny thing about today's problem is that the user works perfectly fine with me and not with the member's PC. This is topped by the fact that this member obviously isn't getting my e-mails.

Please: There is absolutely no reason to get frustrated about me not responding when all of my reply mails obviously end up unread in spam folders of your e-mail provider or you're being unable or unwilling to describe the problems you have. This goes for registration mails, too.

A heartfelt plea to all of you: *please* check your spam folders on a regular basis, especially when you're making brand new contact with new folks - might be it prevents you getting upset because some important stuff ends up right there.

Thanks for your attention and your co-operation and your understanding of this matter. And be sure. I am trying to help anyone who's willing to be helped. At least I'm hoping that there are some people who can give proof that I am.



PS: You'll also find some general help right here .

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