A little, little problem

13 Jun 2008 17:53 #1109384516 by Amparo
A little, little problem was created by Amparo
Dear Jessika! :)
I have a small problem, and that is that I can not change my avatar, when peak in my profile, entering directly into Edit Your Details, and I can not change anything.
I wanted to put a Snoopy himself a little more summerB) , but I think at the moment will stay to serve the roast chicken:laugh: .
I know you're busy, if you do not mind when you have a moment, can you help me please:blush: ?.
Many greetings:kiss: .

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15 Jun 2008 07:42 - 15 Jun 2008 10:51 #1109384539 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic A little, little problem
Hi Amparo

sorry for me not being able to respond any sooner... things have kept me quite busy here. First I recommend to delete all avatars you've got in your profile. Save your profile once and then after that try to upload it. If you do change your avatar too often with out properly deleting the old ones the system doesn't accept new ones.

If you should happen to stumble on further problems, please contact me and I shall try to help you in uploading your new one and deleting your old stuff. Just give me a hint, will ya?! Best wishes to Spain... :kiss:



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15 Jun 2008 10:21 #1109384546 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic A little, little problem
Dear Jessy::kiss:
Thank you very much for your wonderful adviceB) . Snoopy is another:laugh: .
Thank you very much.:kiss:

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