Help with message formatting Please?

20 Jan 2009 20:45 #1109386671 by DRae
Hi Jessika,
I am sorry to say that I am not knowledgeable about Fireboard and Boardcode. I have just learned how to change the colors and size of script on the message board. I cannot determine how to add graphics. When I try to attach a picture in the "select Image file to attach" box below it does not come up on preview. Using the Img button above gives an empty box with a red X in it. I realize the picture size has to be small, so have compressed a photo in photoshop. Does the photo have to be put on a web page first to be accessed? I don't currently have a web page. I would not normally bother you except I couldn't find information to help me on a google search.
Donna Rae :S

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21 Jan 2009 03:19 #1109386672 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Help with message formatting Please?
Hi DRae

No problem, I hope I can help you. :) First of all, yes the are limits to the size of the picture you're trying to upload. The maximum width and height are 600 pixels respectively (so the layout of this forum won't be harmed too much) and the file size shouldn't be larger than 500 kilobytes. These limits are shown to you when you hover over that "search" button you'll hit when trying to search you PC for your file. right on top of your text box... So yes, there's a good chance that you need to compress it somehow. File types can be jpg, tif or gif.

Now to your question of how to go about with integrating a pic into your message. Choose the file you'd like to attach from your PC to your written text in that "Select Image file to attach" right under your typing box you're writing your text in. It won't be there in the preview, since it's still on your PC - only once you've hit that "post message" button it will be uploaded and placed in the last line of your message. You'll get a "done" message when this has been successful. BTW you can always upload a file by re-editing should the system give you troubles...

If you don't want the pic to appear underneath it all, you can re-edit by opening up your message once more, grab the whole code, starting with the first brace and ending with the very last one, cut and paste it somewhere where you like the pic to appear.

Hope this helps you a bit. :unsure:



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22 Jan 2009 17:14 #1109386685 by DRae
Replied by DRae on topic Help with message formatting Please?
Hi Jessika,

Thanks a lot. I will try this when I have time to compress some images to the correct size.

Donnna Rae :cheer:

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