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07 Feb 2009 19:27 - 07 Feb 2009 19:30 #1109386862 by Lisa
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Hello dear Jessika,
I agree with all the other´s and the "threesome"
I like your Side a lot, and I have such good time here with all the nice Fan´s from all over the world, to share Ideas have big fun at the nice game, thank you deare pitzel by the way:kiss: reading yumalosters fanfictions, looking Pat´s video, and reading, looking listenning to all the information you give to all of us:woohoo:
So thank you a lot dear Jessika and Nat, because both of you inform us so well!!!:woohoo: :kiss: :woohoo:
Best greeting from

Greeting from
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08 Feb 2009 01:12 #1109386866 by Tori
Replied by Tori on topic the guestbook
i wrote in the guest book not too long ago and got a response, I was so happy!! Sorry, not trying to brag or anything it was just quite the shock :D
I think this is the only fan site I have ever been on where the celebrity actually responds to anything!!! Its so cool of him, it would be nice to have him responding on the forum but its very true what dchakko said, if Nathaniel feels like he needs to respond to our guestbook entries it will feel like work and will have no enjoyment. Either way though this is a great site, and athough having proof Mr. Parker has seen our comments is spectacular just having some place to chat bout him is equally great!!!

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08 Feb 2009 10:17 - 08 Feb 2009 10:25 #1109386868 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic the guestbook
Dear Tori:) :
I give you my congratulations for being one of the fortunate to have received a reply from Nat.

I only want you to understand a little of the controversy that has existed.
There is a section entitled "Your questions" in which Nat answered questions from fans. The last time he said it was in 2005. After many fans have continued to write questions, but since then he has never returned to answer.
What I want you to understand is that there are many fans who wrote in the section, and they have felt ignored, and also disappointed:( .
I go back to my great congratulations for having obtained a response from Nat. But I understand that this is like the lottery, winning a few, and many losers.
I hope you now understand a little controversy of responses in the Guestbook.
Lovely greetings.:)
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08 Feb 2009 12:32 #1109386869 by hELlSangelke
Replied by hELlSangelke on topic the guestbook
Hi everyone :laugh: !
I'd like to share my opinion on this item too. Who wouldn't be very happy to receive an answer from Nathaniel Parker :laugh: ? But I think the things Jessika said, are very right. I don't think there are many beautiful wonderful sites likes this one (I only know one site that can compare with this one, the site of the Belgian actor Mathias Sercu :cheer: sorry I'm advertising a bit :laugh: ), really very nice, with so much information about Nat and so many beautiful pictures, and the fact that Nat takes the time to write messages and share his thoughts with everyone here is -I think- very sweet and quite rare :) ! And that now he has answered some of the guestbook entries and some not, yes I understand some are disappointed because Nat didn't answer their message, but I think in the first place, it's really very nice of him to answer some of the guestbook entries, don't think everyone would take the time to do that; Nat I think you're fantastic and sweet :) ! And also a big thank you and congrats to Jessika, she's a very good webmistress; keep up the good work ;) ! What I also wanted to say, this is a wonderful site, not only because of the things I already said, but also because everyone is so friendly and nice here, it's really heartwarming :cheer: !

*Vriendschap doet leven* (*Friendship makes you live*)

*Face life without fear*~Laurence Harvey

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08 Feb 2009 12:48 #1109386870 by dchakko
Replied by dchakko on topic the guestbook
Dear Amparo,
That was an interesting comment about the forum's section for questions - It illustrates perfectly the problems that arise when Nat answers individuals. Of course the unanswered folks feel bad, but Nat can't possibly deal with all those questions. Better to have stopped completely. I recently posted a question there, but I noticed that he really hasn't responded in years, so I expected nothing.

What is the solution? Best not to have a lottery atmosphere at all.;) Perhaps someday he will find time to respond to some of the questions in general terms. By that I mean if the questions were sorted and categorized, he could give general information that would satisfy our curiousity, but not be directed to one individual. The answer could be directed to several questions combined as one topic. Or he could write a book, and part of it could address topics that fans have shown most interest in. Obviously not something he could do anytime soon, but it's fun to dream! :laugh:

In the meantime, I find the news notes that Nat posts on the home page to be very satisfying, loads of fun to read. And there are, of course, all the press interviews and reviews that Jessika has spent many hours posting. For new fans, just have a read through Nat's Press section (I believe you need to register first)


"So it goes like it goes
Like the river flows;
And time it rolls right on;
And maybe what's good gets a little bit better;
And maybe what's bad gets gone."

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08 Feb 2009 16:12 #1109386872 by subject
Replied by subject on topic the guestbook
Hi Diane,

Just in case you haven't explored it yet, there is also a section called "Nat's Messages". He doesn't have time to do many, but that is an added personal touch he gives to the site.

Warm regards,


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