I changed my e-mail!

19 Apr 2011 16:10 #1109393342 by subject
Replied by subject on topic I changed my e-mail!
Hey girl,

If the demons in my pc don't mess with my head, I can get in trouble without even trying! lol Just go with the flow, and let the little stuff be flushed down the toilet!

Love ya,


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19 Apr 2011 16:48 #1109393343 by Gitta
Replied by Gitta on topic I changed my e-mail!
Dear Amparo,

Everyone makes mistakes. We are human, nobody is perfect.
Don't worry too much about making mistakes.

Hughs and many greetings,

With every breath that i breathe, you and me can turn a whisper to a scream.

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19 Apr 2011 18:04 #1109393344 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic I changed my e-mail!
Many thanks dear Gitta!.
I think I become a very old woman!!.:laugh:
A big kiss :kiss:

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19 Apr 2011 18:16 - 19 Apr 2011 18:39 #1109393345 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic I changed my e-mail!

calm down, please, no need to panic with this site and your user with it so far. What's happening or not happening here is all in your hands, really. As you can see everybody's really concerned about your problems.

With "bummer" I meant the fact that someone stole your e-mail. Not you.

No problem with your double postings in wrong places of the forum. :laugh: I just thought to mention it. You firstly wrote an e-mail to me with exact the same text as in the forums and I knew what was going on as soon as I read it a few hours later - all was well then. :S That part of the site is currently not being used the way it was supposed to be over the last weeks and I happen to be the moderator here, no-one else is, sorry about that fact. It is there for Questions for Nat, not for discussions or other stuff. That's all. No big deal. B)

So now to the real thing - just this one friendly hint that has positively nothing to do with this site nor me: change all your passwords and mainly e-maileverywhere you've got accounts. If things go really bad for you, the person who's been hacking into your e-mail account also will manipulate your other accounts with whatever, facebook, youtube, whatever website you're at especially not nice is ebay or amazon, where they buy stuff and have it sent to their addresses on your expanses - you name it. It's FUN, really. :sick: This site here will simply lock you out automatically as soon as any indicators of manipulations appear on the horizon. And then there's me and we can work things out, nothing THAT dramatic, right? :side:

And the other thing is: try to find out how this person was able to obtain access and has been able to misuse all your contacts you had in there. IF your PC has been hacked and you haven't found out HOW, you and your contacts will not be not safe in any case until you've found a way to clean your PC and keep it safe. There might really be ghosts in your PCs, that's a limited way of having fun. It's going to be the same old story every day :evil: Just my 2 cents.:cheer:

Oh yeah and in all this mess I just saw that you didn't change your e-mail here, hurry up gal before someone else does, it's high time!



"I don't know. I need help. I'm sorry. And something else. [...] I forgot it."
~ Armand Gamache

"If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck." A simplified version of Occam's razor.
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19 Apr 2011 18:45 #1109393349 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic I changed my e-mail!
Dear Jessika, Thank you very much for everything.
Now I change my e-mail. I've been all day at work and I couldn't change the e-mail, because I had left my black notebook with passwords in my house. :blink:
Many greetings. :kiss:

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