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14 Jun 2004 08:21 #152 by webmistress
Login Problems...?!?! was created by webmistress
Hi dear all,I know that some of you experience login problems. I wrote a bit about this in the FAQ's technical section. This problem is due to the cookie session handling of your browser! Please remember to clear your cookie cache and to set the browser to accept cookies from this site, else the login won't work. Problem description: What happens is that after having logged in you don't get an error message and there's one more member in your "who's online" section and you THINK you are "in" but funny: you cannot post, your user menu isn't there, and you don't see the member's extras. Try this as long as you may, you can't get inside. :x Now what's to be done about it exactly?Here's the procedure for IE. Look up the Extras in your IE menu, then go to internet options. In the middle of that dialogue there's a section that's called "temporaray internet options" and there's a button that's called "clear cookie cache" - hit on it once, click OK and then try to login - done!Here's the procedure for Modzilla: Look up the Extras in your Modzilla menu. Please look up the cookie manager. Check if that thing allows cookies, change it to "standard", you should also try to clear the cookie cache. That's the last entry in that dialouge... After having cleared everything and setting the options to accept cookies you should be able to login.A hint: when doing the login, activate the "remember me" function before hitting that login button, this way you don't have to login each time you drop by, but you are "right there" when using the same PC...Sorry for the inconvenience, please bear with us. Of course you may contact me anytime you're unable to login.If all else fails, try to install another browser like Firefox, which runs just perfect and is less volnurable to the latest viruses and worms anyway, and it is open source which means that you don't have to pay for it! You can find the latest build here .Cheers!

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