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Dear all,

affected by the new article "Nathaniel Parker wears it well" by S. Smith, July9,2006(see Jessy`s NEWS)I`m thinking and dreaming of cashmere and Sarong;) ....in colours.....

Like Nat said in the article the sober garb, as the aristocratic and smarty turned-out Lynley isn`t his style, which is different from that TV character (althrough absolutely nothing like me in real life) I suppose it`s time to present the real and private man, Nat is. His last private sittings I found are in HELLO! magazine(UK), Jan.2,1999 by Peter Robertson (see PRESS) and his last PR stuff he did for Lynley, Stardust, Flawless or Speer had only stock material, nothing new, nothing private.
In the interviews he is such a funny and honest man, according to this I wish to see this change in pictures......

I found a lot of ideas/ stimuli on other webpages, my favorite is on the Colin Firth page:
www.firth.com/a_gal_loc01.html . on location in Hampstead and the cute photos by Jamie Kingham "A cold day on the Thames" wwwfirth.com/gal/gal_03jk.html , which shows the private person Colin Firth.

My favorite photographer is Annie Leibovitz. A lot of her works are over- subcribed the actors`character, playing with the image they get with a blockbuster role. Funny and recreating idea seeing Inspector Lynley goes in rags!!! :)

My wishful thinking is see Nat cooking in the kitchen (pasta, of course)
jubilating Nat at the race court (a day at the races), Nat bathing with a glas of red wine, sitting in the garden, Nat reading a script or Nat on his horse,
without tack and of course barefoot.....don`t forget the Sarong!!!!!

What can you imagine? Are you interested to see implement Nat`s words?
What is your favorite, the stills or ........? Do you remember the great photo made from Nat, biting lovely Sharon in the neck?
More of this!!!!!

Enough of my dreams, again.



There is no chance in life, everything is connected!

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