"Nat's greatest hits"

30 Dec 2006 23:56 #1109380432 by TERRILOVE
"Nat's greatest hits" was created by TERRILOVE
If you listen to Nat's audios, sometimes you'll catch what only a narrated audio can give you that words on a page will not. Listen carefully-sometimes he's singing, in character, of course.
Have you noticed? So, how about a "greatest hits"...what songs would you want to hear Nat sing if he did have a music album?
Sounds just right for a wishful thinking section.
(I am still waiting for another actor who is mad for music to put out his music album debut-so I'm not holding any more breaths for music by actors but it would be fun to hear Nat sing. I am of the impression he'd be able to sing if a part required it.)

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