Nat reviewing 'Rough Diamond'.

04 Feb 2007 17:28 #1109380622 by tosca
Nat reviewing 'Rough Diamond'. was created by tosca
With his expert knowledge in this area, it would be so fantastic if Nat gave us his review of 'Rough Diamond' (on BBC1 at 8pm tonight, Sunday). The story, set in Southern Ireland, is about race horses and a trainer who's down on his luck...

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04 Feb 2007 17:50 #1109380624 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Re:Nat reviewing 'Rough Diamond'.
Cool idea! And one that sounds as if Nat would love doing it - if he only had the chance to :pinch: So you say it's on tonight? Hhhhmmm, I just might give it a try. Thanks for that tip. ;)



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