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08 Sep 2008 02:02 - 08 Sep 2008 14:29 #1109385441 by ellefagan
It's not a reality, yet, but his posting is called Whishlist, and here's one from me.

It's just that Sunday9-7-08 in Connecticut, USA, watching "Chinese Walls", on PBS, it seemed the Inspector was so Elvish!

Dark hair, pale complexion, and yet, not weak in any way. Patrician bearing, grace in movement, and ... elvish neck.

I thought he'd make a fine elf hero for a film of the "Silmarillion" by Tolkein.

His children would love it, if he took it up!
A Dad can't be too pupular with his youngsters -
soon the time is gone, and the window for such magic is gone, too!

If you are not a J.R.R. Tolkien fan, "The Silmarillion" is Very PRE-quel to the "Lord of the Rings". It is J.R.R.Tolkien's version of "Bullfinch's Mythology" .

In LOTR the Elves, Dwarves, Wizards and Hobbits make reference to the earliest gods and demi-gods and people of Middle Earth, and how their magic, in times long past, set the course for the events in LOTR. The magic rings, stones, pools, swords, and Palantiri/crystal balls for seeing, were all invented by the characters in "the Silmarillion". The opening sequence of LOTR, shows the characters of the "Silmarillion" fashioning the rings and the ONE ring.

"Silmarillion"'s heroes are like the heroes of the myths -
full of magic and powers and flaws, tragic and comic; and their stories poems, songs and adventures are like the stories of the Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses, so successfully released as films through the years.

In the 80s, the film, "Clash of the Titans", about the Greek gods and their adventures, did very very well. All these years later, things would surely be nice for a movie called, "The Silmarillion" ... especially with Nathaniel Parker as a major player in the project.

Just an idea...comment welcome!
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08 Sep 2008 09:16 #1109385442 by Amparo
Hi Elle !:)
Welcome to the web Nat.
You've left me impressed :ohmy: with what's "The Silmarillion," I admit my ignorance:blink: , but I did not know of its existence, thank you very much for the information is always nice to know something new every day.
Nat in Chinese Walls, is fantastic and very handsome. That is the look of Nat I like most, with the hairstyle that bears the coat with black lapels lifted, and everything he's very impressive:woohoo: , if I was in front of him, sure I fainted.:silly:
Apart from this:laugh: , welcome to Nat's site, we will be delighted to read your comments are very instructive.:) ;)
Many greetings.
Amparo from Spain.

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08 Sep 2008 18:24 #1109385448 by tigger
Hi Elle,

What a fantastic idea! Nat would be perfect in such a role.

He should really have played Faramir, of course, in the third LOTR film (don't get me started on the way in which Peter Jackson did this perfect character an injustice! :-))


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09 Sep 2008 05:19 #1109385453 by Pitzel
Hello Elle I too am impressed with your idea. Do you know if such a project is in production? Is it something Peter Jackson wants to do? I am not familiar with the writings of Tolkien, but I did see and enjoy the trilogy. And I agree with you at times I always thought Nat had an elfish look and still he is very attractive to many of us. Welcome to the site.


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09 Sep 2008 20:48 #1109385456 by ellefagan
Thanks for your comment. More, more!
Nathaniel Parker would be great in any of the Lead guy roles in a film of the "Silmarillion",but I think, since people are showing interest, that I will go back
to the book and browse the male heros and see which one might be ideal for him.

Will note it here, when I find it.

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09 Sep 2008 20:52 #1109385457 by ellefagan
I am sure that a film of "the Silmarillion" is not in production - that's why I mentioned it - because that means the casting is not done, and Nathaniel Parker really could be up for it.

I have written Peter Jackson's office and received nice reply , in the past.
If I get lots of interest here, about this idea, I can send the whole business to him,
for Nathaniel Parker's benefit.

Fun, no?

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