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I agree with the others that Nat's the only good thing about Haunted Mansion! It was almost the first thing I'd seen him in (I saw the Poirot episode but did not make the connection between sexy villain boy and sexy ghost man until much later - I definitely prefer him older.) I didn't watch it until it had been out for almost seven years, because I've always been scared of that ride and Eddie Murphy does not interest me. But one day at work, the patients wanted to watch it, so I saw it as I was visiting with them. I was cheering on Sarah to just drink the poison and live (???) happily ever after with Master Gracey! Better than a life with Eddie Murphy, lol!

Anyway, I also noticed the graves mistake. It was also a goof to have them going down deep into the mausoleum, since again, in New Orleans, they are above ground always. That bothered me a little bit, but before I could complain too loudly, they'd cut back to Nat's face and I forgot all about factual errors!

I have read before though, but no one mentioned here, that Nat had a really hard time carrying Elizabeth in the opening montage because her satin dress was so slippery! So he's visibly grimacing.

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I watched the movie for Mr. Parkers sake and my delusional, juvenile cousin had the audacity to say that Jim Carrey could've played a better Master Gracey! AS IF!

No offence to Jim Carrey, but he couldn't act his way out of a bag in a serious role like that, but Mr. Parker on the other hand, in my opinion, saved the movie!

Maybe they should make a movie explaining how Elizabeth and Edward couldn't be together and why Ramsley was so pissed and such (other than the fact that she was African-American, which always made nosense to me and I won't even go there). That would be better, and they'd completely leave out all the dreadful modern scenes.

Happy birthday to those whose birthday is today!
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