Nat & Sharon in Germany

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An English translation of the above article:

TV series

Murder mysteries with British charm

A detective duo conquers audiences with cool reserve on Sunday evenings

A shadow behind a window then a shot from behind. An attractive blonde
collapses. A case for Nathaniel Parker (43) also known as Inspector
Thomas Lynley and his assistant Sergeant Barbara Havers, played by
Sharon Small (38).

14 cases have been solved on ZDF by the British detective duo so far.
Season five follows Elizabeth George's novels and is about to be
broadcast. "All four episodes remain suspenseful right to the end," a
promise given by Nathaniel Parker, who's also a George fan in his
private life. "I can hardly wait to read the new scripts each time."

Special relationship
The Elizabeth George series (original title: "The Inspector Lynley
Mysteries") has been running during Sunday evenings on ZDF since 2002
and has an average of 3.46 million viewers tuning in. Tendency: growing.
For the series fascinates – besides all its crackling high-tension -
with the special relationship between the inspector and his assistant.
There's seldom pure sunshine between them both – emotional moments are
rare und there isn't much talk there neither. Call it typically British.

"Lynley is a nobleman whilst Havers comes from a lower class
background," Nathaniel Parker explains the relationship between them.
"This class difference has been an obstacle for a long time." And yet
they cannot do without one another. "I only know that they need each
other to function," says Sharon Small who could last be seen in the
cinema in "Dear Frankie". "And sometimes there are sparks flying between
them", explains a grinning Parker.

No parallels
Whilst the character Barbara Havers appears to be distant and
uncommunicative, the private Sharon Small is a happy and outspoken
woman. "Havers and myself are very different people, let's start with my
outer appearance. I do hope so…" laughs Small. "The worst part is the
hairdo I have to wear playing Havers. And that constant frown I have on
my forehead after the shooting, because Havers keeps on looking
grumpily." Nathaniel Parker seems to have the easier part. "My character
is very close to myself," he admits. "Lynley in contrast to myself is
aristocratic, but regarding the rest it's sometimes hard to separate him
from me."

While being on TV, both actors are always the good ones, Parker had some
problems with the police in real life. "At the beginning of my career my
agent was killed," he tells us. "I was questioned, because I was the
last one that saw him alive." And one thing became clear to him: "I like
leading an interrogation a lot better."


I wish I could claim the credit for doing this, but to do so would be dishonest :) but I thought I'd post it up to share with others anyway, and as a favour to save the translator just a little bit of work.

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whoa, nice, a translation. thanks to whoever translated it :)

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tosca wrote:

Somewhat disconcerting to hear reports of Nat referring to Sharon as his 'wife' in Germany. It may be trendy for stars to blur their personal lives with those of their profession's characters, both in reality or for publicity. Many are keen supporters of this website only because it is felt that Nat is a highly professional, charismatic and talented actor, but also one with substance who prioritises his real wife and children above all esle.
But perhaps this is a hint about the forthcoming Inspector Lynley series in the UK? Oh dear!

I'm not sure what to think...unless the BBC writers have free reign to put those 2 together...I am still doubtful it's any hint about the series. I do tend to think of Havers as "wife" in a a virtual these teachers I met. The assistant-she's like the teacher's 2nd wife at work-though in her case there's a real husband to go home to...not quite the case for Havers. At work they make a good teaching team-and they seem to be friends for years...I envy that a little bit.
I really do admire people who can work together so well they seem virtually a married couple.

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