Natural Causes

26 Jul 2010 18:57 #1109391850 by Nenne
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What a blessing to have an inspector on board.

So Gabriel popped the question and was refused. And then he left the ball in Batsheba's corner by "So, then I ask you no more."

I wonder who's the most stubborn of the two... Batsheba by not acting or Gabriel by keeping his word.


"My love, I would love to come with you but you must first build me a palace" :D

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27 Jul 2010 00:46 #1109391851 by subject
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He told her he loved her more than common, but at the end when he said he just wanted her to let him love her is when she said he never asked! Is she deaf?

I agree, Amparo. I would have said yes b/4 he could have finished asking me! lol


Pat :kiss:

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27 Jul 2010 09:20 #1109391858 by tigger
Replied by tigger on topic Re:Natural Causes
I know, I know, this isn't Natural Causes (I agree about Helen's stupid question), but... True, Bathsheba's a bit dim for most of the story when it comes to appreciating Gabriel, but after all, if she'd accepted the good man the first time he asked... there'd have been no more story, and certainly not that last proposal scene, which turns my knees to rubble each time I see it. :) She has to grow up.


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