That's fairly easy. First of all you need to have a valid user for this site. How do you get one? Read more about it here.

Then you have to be logged in. You are? Good! So here we go then. Please go to the forum Questions For Nat. That's the forum on top. You'll notice that there are two sub-forums there.

The first one (Your Questions - New forum) is the one where you post your new questions. The second forum (Your Words of Thanks) is the one that shows older questions and Nat's answers.

The Your Words of Thanks forum is locked so you cannot post there. I recommend the threaded view option, it will make it easier for you to read. Please do also note that the Q&A section of this site is a duplicate of the asked questions and the given answers.

Your Questions - New Forum is the place where you'll post your questions for Nat. Both forums are moderated by webmistress and will definitely go through a review process.

How do I proceed? Do post a new topic right in that forum. The posts will then be reviewed before they will be visible in this topic. Please don't hit that submit button more than once - your message isn't meant to appear in an instant. It may take up to several days for it to appear.

One more thing: There are no guarantees that Nat will ever answer your questions. Please take this into account when posting and don't get frustrated with the people involved in this process. This is an opportunity for you to try and ask the things that really do interest you and that might be interesting enough to be read by others.

One last thing though. Criteria for acknowledging questions: webmistress never allows the same sort of question twice and there will be questions on display only - no additional texts. So please do read the existing questions thoroughly, it will increase the chance that your text will actually appear.

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