The site's integrated forum is for the discussion and appreciation of Nathaniel Parker. And yes there are rules, read more about it here.

All people who'd like to post here can do this freely, after applying for a user-name and a login. Please remember that this is a "public" forum. We are all admirers of Nat, so there's no need to swoon over him in a disrespectful way. Also, posts like "I want to meet you" or messages that tend to have a "private" character and are aimed to make contact with Nat will be deleted. Please do use the contact section and write to Nat's autograph address when you feel that you have to send messages that are aimed to reach Nat personally. Since everybody is invited to read here, please remember this fact when posting.

Please keep in mind that all you say and publish on our website will one day or another find its entry to google. It's up to you to decide about the quality of your entries (in connection with Nat's work) and the info you are passing on to the world about yourself.

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