Upps! Sorry for that. Now here's a list of the most common causes for this.

Now that can happen for several reasons:

1. you made a typo

2. you forgot your password

3. your browser doesn't accept cookies

4. your cookie cache is full

5. you're behind a proxy firewall or you're are using a system with limitations 

6. you have (not yet) been approved

7. the webmistress threw you out!

8. It's nothing of all of the things mentioned above. 

And what can I do about it?

1. well try again and good luck with hitting 'em keys right (ohh there are so many of 'em) :0) And please be aware that all data is case sensitive. Type exactly the way your user-nick was originally chosen by yourself. If you used upper case letter: use them when logging in. There were blanks? Use blanks. For the really hopeless like myself: pen it down on a piece of paper and try to put it somewhere you can retrace it. ;0)

2. oh no - but it happens to the best of us. Now first of all there's a "send me a new password" thing right under that log in. Use it and please remember to check your SPAM folder with your respective accounts. That's especially true for AOL, yahoo, googlemail and hotmail accounts. The system sends out the new password instantly. So if you don't get it straight away, it highly likely that it's lingering in that Spam folder of yours. If all fails: Please contact me, I will send a new password as soon as I can. Contrary to some rumours I don't sit in front of my PC all the time... Don't try to register once more... please be patient, help is on the way!

3. well, well security is a fine thing, but there's no need to be afraid of my cookies. Now there's absolutely no reason to get nervous over 'em. They might not be the tastiest, but quite alright... ;=)) Please adjust your browser and tell that thingy to accept at least my cookies. Yummy! 

4. that by the way is the most common problem when the login won't work. This is due to a classical paranoid patch in the MS IE 6.0. You can read about this funny behaviour in a MS security bulletin: It's not a bug, it's a feature! Give my regards to the security dept. of MS! Here's the only work-around I know: Please clear your cookie cache (with IE it's under extras>option>clear cookies), also please clean your other temporary Internet data junk before trying to login. Here's the procedures for...
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Use the following keyboard shortcuts to clear the browser's cache.

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to clear the browser's cache.
Windows: Ctrl +Shift+R
MacOS: Cmd+Shift+R

Use the following keyboard shortcut to clear the browser's cache.

5. especially when trying to log in via your company's PCs or let's say a public system like library PCs there might be problems. This is due to the fact that system administrators limit their systems to a high security level that disallows certain actions or technical procedures they think are potentially dangerous to their whole system. Most common are things like no Flash plug-ins, so you get funny white spaces on websites or even disabled Javascript functions. Cookies aren't considered to be particularly dangerous, but some admins dislike 'em - so they turn them off. Great so that's need to log in here. Nothing I can do about it. Just please try to log in via other unlimited systems, like your private PC or reasonable Internet providers.

6. after having applied for your username, the webmistress (yes that's me, right?) will check certain things. This procedure may take up to several days. You will get an error message when trying to login directly after having applied for a user name. First of all you have to activate a link that's being send to you instantly. You definitely have to click on that link, else your registration will never be completed. Please make sure to check your spam folders, especially when you are an AOL user. Please don't try to apply for a new password until you've got the second acknowledged mail. Be patient, I am trying my best to be as fast as possible.

7. she might have had her reasons [in that case, better don't contact her] - or she made a mistake [give her hell] ;=)

8. again: contact me. Be patient with me, I am trying to get back to you ASAP. As things are I'm not there 24 hours a day. I might even be gone for a couple of days. But please - if you do - give me detailed info on your problem: possible error messages, strange behaviour of your browser, your browser type, the kind of system you're working with - like Windows XP and so on. This is the only way I can help you - sorry. A simple "It doesn't work for me" might cause me to say - I've tried it from my PC and it works - sorry for you.

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