If you feel like writing down your thoughts on Nathaniel's work or about this site, please feel free to do so in our Guestbook. You don't have to be a registered member to sign it, but you do have to use the security code that's shown to you. Please do note that your comments won't appear after you've signed the guestbook. Your comment and your given info (this includes your name, email and your location info) will be on display if it sticks to the rules of this site.

Unfortunately I had to learn that some people misuse the guestbook for discussion purposes, being offensive towards me (or the site respectively), spam my site (which BTW makes an awful lot of administrative work) or simply for promoting their own stuff (links to commercial sites).

You are not forced to give your email address with your entry, but if you'd like to get in contact, it would - naturally - be helpful if you'd left your address. I will alter it, so no spam collector is able to misuse it. I promise I won't alter the content of your messages, I am just taking care that no offensive or abusive content will be displayed in my absence. Why? Because: REALLY - contrary to what some might think: I am not sitting in front of my PC all the time.

Usually it'll take some hours for me to read your stuff and to publish it! I will quietly correct misspellings if I am able locate them and if I have the time to do so....

Please do note: I don't accept more than one of your guestbook entries to the guestbook. If you'd like to alter or delete your old entry, contact me.

So go on, sign the book - I love to hear from you and I guess some readers are keen to learn what you have to say....

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