Please keep in mind that this site is regularly being scanned and indexed by google and other popular search engines. It usually takes about six hours for information from this site to appear within google's searchable index.

The data you give us while registering remains protected and won't be indexed. The guest-book and the forum also protects your e-mail address if you fill in the respective fields. Once you write something down openly within the free message and name text-field you can be sure that it will be indexed and most likely be misused by spammers or it might also allow people to make conclusions who you are and what your private preferences are.

All text / words that you type in commentary functions on this site will definitely appear with google sooner or later. So be very careful with writing down private details, your e-mail address, your web-site's URL, name or whatever you don't want to be indexed with.  It's your decision to hand out data to the web and you have to live with all consequences. Be aware that your data might be misused. Please keep this in mind when making your entries.

So you've been googled - now what?

We as providers of this website have absolutely no power over search engines like google and their policy of deleting changed pages or info within their index. It may take up to months for your info to disappear from google, in some cases it won't vanish at all.

All we can do is to help you remove, unpublish or alter your entries on our website.This makes a great deal of work, so please be careful in the first place. We can also give no service level in which we will respond to your desire to have things deleted nor can we make promises on when we'll get to look up your stuff in our database.

You are responsible for all data and information that you decided to publish worldwide about yourself and your identity. You hand out info non-protected to the web. If you do find your data via google and would like to have it removed from this site, please contact our webmaster. We will act ASAP. Please understand that we cannot, however, help you removing your data from google's index.

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