Alright then, why should I register anyway?


Well, we have a fine community and we do like to exchange our thoughts. That's why I put up a chat group. You can read in our chat group without being registered, but you cannot post here if we don't know who you are! Putting up a post in the forum doesn't mean that your eMail address will be displayed!
An entry to the guestbook on the contrary will definitely display all info you decide to type in. This entry to our guestbook has nothing to do with a registration - everyone is able to make an entry there without having to be a registered user. All entries will go through a review process before being published. It may take a while for them to appear.


From time to time, there might even be content that's only visible once you've logged in. Creating an account with this site is absolutely free of charge. No money is being made out of your eMail. I don't intend to make money out of this site either.


I will keep your eMail private and will try everything that's possible to prevent you from being spammed.


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