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10 May 2006 16:58 #1109379417 by sweetlittlepixie
Charlie Higson interview was created by sweetlittlepixie
I made a request to the digital radio station Oneword asking if they could repeat the interview from last year with Charlie Higson, in which I remember he spoke about and read excerpts from his book (and Nat's latest recording) 'Silverfin'..

I'm absolutely delighted to say they've responded positively, in that they will re-broadcast the interview on Saturday, 20th May at 12 Noon and again at 8pm, in the 'Between the Lines' slot.

:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

They also invite listeners to suggest audiobooks for broadcast, and are looking into whether 'Silverfin' is available for broadcast licensing. :silly:

Check them out here;


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10 May 2006 20:45 #1109379419 by Sina
Replied by Sina on topic Re:Charlie Higson interview

These are just *wonderful* news, Pixie!!! :woohoo:
Thank you so much for alerting us!

Ooh, thank God I'm able to listen to 'Oneword' with my old puter (lol - that is to say if I am lucky enough to get access to the internet on the said day... ;)


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