a spot of brothers

17 Sep 2006 15:16 #1109379768 by danny
a spot of brothers was created by danny
Congratulations with the official status of the website.
A few weeks ago i received a website with a program to record transmissions from radiostations. You can find it at:
just download it, search for BBC radio 4 and you can record the broadcast on your PC. There should be even a timer.

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20 Sep 2006 17:13 #1109379779 by sweetlittlepixie
Replied by sweetlittlepixie on topic Re:a spot of bother
I'm lovin' it!

And it's wonderful to watch the scrolling info readout on my DAB radio saying "Read by Nathaniel Parker"... :silly:


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26 Sep 2006 15:14 #1109379798 by lonesome aesthetic
Replied by lonesome aesthetic on topic Re:a spot of brothers
:woohoo: cool...

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30 Sep 2006 09:05 #1109379814 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Re:a spot of bother
It definitely has a good sound to it, eh, Pixie? I was laughing so hard at some point, tears were coming down my eyes. Had a strange déjà-vu here and there. :P

OK maybe my whole family should see a shrink now and then... ;)



P.S.: I'm working on a review for this, not sure when I'll be ready, but we have a long weekend here, so maybe it'll be up on Tuesday or Wednesday. :kiss:

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