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Dear Diane

"yes you can" (sorry). Amazon has various branchnes all over the world, you're not forced to order via your national branch. The fine thing about this is that all payment processing etc. works the same all over the globe. So if you do find stuff let's say in the UK branch, you order there. If you do find things in the German branch, use their service.

One problem is that you need to keep in mind that you have to pay in the local currency like GBP or Euros. The price tags are NOT USD plus, the shipping costs are higher... your credit crad will later be charged with the respective sum in USD. But you'll notice that when ordering.

I've even been using amazon France and Japan! It was fun using their Japanese shop. I didn't understand a single word that was written there, but since all those buttons are the same - I had no problem at all.



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Hi Diane,

you see Jessika has explained, all you want to know.

I am from Germany and have ordered some DVDs and CDs by and, always without any problems. The only thing you have to consider if you order a DVD is, that in Europe the DVDs have another RC, so that you can watch them only, if you have a code free recorder.


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Dear Jessika and Claudia,

Thanks so much for the information- If I can't find things in the US, now I know where to look! Also, I notice some things are available from Canada, which might be less postage.

I forgot about the region coding- I'll have to ask my son what kind of player I have- he being of the more techno-savy generation :lol: His wedding video was made in India, and works on my DVD player, but not on most others- maybe that means mine will play anything :unsure:

My husband is returning from India tomorrow so I won't have as much spare time for the forum, but I'll squeeze it in- I learn so much! :kiss: :kiss:

Thanks again,

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