A Perfect Obsession

05 Oct 2008 13:58 #1109385727 by UNF
A Perfect Obsession was created by UNF
Really enjoyed this audiobook. It's a fun 'soap-opera' kind of story. Nat does a tremendous job of creating the personalities and voices of the myriad of characters right away, so that you're able to keep right up with the dizzying pace of he-loves, she-loves. You become totally hooked by these rather shocking but lovable characters, settling in and rolling along with their unfolding lives. As time goes on, you've a pretty good idea who's going to do what to whom, or what you'd like to do to some of the more reprehensible among them :), when all of a sudden Nat says 'to be continued in A Measure of Trust'!!!!! What??? Oh no!!! I went to the author's website only to find that the sequel was not there; inquired and was told that it was re-named 'A Calculating Heart', so anyone looking to find out what happens next can check that out.

Here's My Wish: I wish Nathaniel Parker would read the sequel, and the sequel after that! He is a genius for lifting people off a page and bringing them to life. And the people-driven action in 'A Perfect Obession' really allows Nat to display his tremendous talent for doing this.

Mr. Parker, would you please consider recording the sequels? :)

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