Ceville - a new video game

05 May 2009 19:01 - 05 May 2009 19:03 #1109387838 by tigger
Ceville - a new video game was created by tigger
Under Nat's name, imdb.com has listed this new video game:

Ceville (release date in the UK 19 February 2009)

It's apparently a fantasy adventure, which was produced in Germany, but is in English.

Here's a preview of it:

"Boxed Dream, a new development studio based in Munich, Germany, has teamed up with publisher Kalypso Media to announce Ceville, a new fantasy point-and-click adventure game. The game takes place in the fairy-tale realm of Faeryanis, which was once ruled by tyrannical ruler, Ceville. The kindhearted Queen Gwendolyn and the land's citizens banded together to put an end to Ceville's reign, however tranquility is short lived as Ceville's counselor, Basilius, plans to kill the queen and unleash wicked beasts upon the lands. The kingdom's last hope resides in the unlikeliest of saviors, Ceville..." [28/05/08]

And here's a link for more information, including where to buy it:


A friend of mine enjoyed playing Cold Winter recently, so I'm sure this will be enjoyable, too. I wonder if Nat gets to play the tyrant.

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06 May 2009 04:02 #1109387839 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Re:Ceville - a new video game
Hi tigger

Yeah it is up for weeks now there. He did another game years ago, but I think it was for playstation2 - I don't buy extra gadgets just to listen to Nat's voice. At least this one seems to work on your everyday PC. I prefer his real audios ... I have been trying to check if one can definitely listen to Nat's input in one of the samples - no such luck .



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06 May 2009 04:52 #1109387841 by tigger
Replied by tigger on topic Re:Ceville - a new video game
Yes, I'm the same. I'm not interested in the games, but would be interested simply to hear what Nat reads and how.

Cold Winter was the earlier game. I think this Ceville is the one he mentioned recording last year.

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