The Lucan File

15 Dec 2011 18:57 #1109394279 by inspector
The Lucan File was created by inspector
Unfortunately there are no new audio books read by Nat :( , but I was lucky.
Again I was able to listen to a previous radio play with Nat: The Lucan File. As ever Nat's performance was great - from the beginning to the end and the story was very interesting.
:) :) :)

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15 Dec 2011 21:04 #1109394280 by Nenne
Replied by Nenne on topic Re: The Lucan File
It is an interesting story isn't it? Pictures from childhood came to me while listening to it. I seemed to remember how it was when I heard about the events, on which the Lucan File is based, took place. 'twas probably the first time I got aware of the island country out in the North Sea...

The funny thing while listening to this drama there was a TV programme about the same story running. A funny note about something somewhat tragic.


"My love, I would love to come with you but you must first build me a palace" :D

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