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18 Oct 2014 12:51 #1109395200 by centaur
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Hi everyone!
Just imagine yourself sitting in the audience of the Poetry Corner! :) (An excerpt from the Cheltenham Literature Festival review on 12th Oct.2014)

"And while many of the younger faces in the audience had come to see her (Sophie Turner) it was Nathaniel Parker, fresh from playing Henry VIII in Wolf Hall for RSC, who arguably stole the show.
The host of the Poetry Corner event, Allie Esiri, said at the start its aim was to "bowl the audience over with verse" and Nat Parker certainly did just that.
His reading of William Blake`s The Tyger - his favourite poem - was perhaps the highlight, but a clever performance of Rudyard Kipling`s A Smuggler`s Song and an energetic recital of a poem from Roald Dahl`s The Witches ran it close." :) :)

These words just raise again one`s longing for any kind of a new audio, most of all an audio book, by Nat!
All this may serve as a proper lead-in to an inquiry I`ve been planning for some time:
Is it possible to get downloaded or at least listened to any of Nat`s "old" audios for radio? For instance Mark Haddon`s A Spot of Bother, Jules Verne`s Journey to the Centre of the Earth or Graham Greene`s The Tenth Man, or others?
This idea has crossed my mind because it`s so easy to download everything nowadays. This is probably a stupid question but I want to ask it anyway.
Best wishes

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28 Oct 2014 07:30 #1109395202 by UNF
Replied by UNF on topic Cheltenham Literature Festival
Doesn't surprise me that Mr. Parker's reading stole the show at the Poetry Corner event. Oh to have been there!!
I too would love some new audio book work!

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