Haunted mansion

06 Oct 2008 18:24 #1109385732 by NathanielParkerGirl08
Replied by NathanielParkerGirl08 on topic Re:Haunted mansion
I actually discovered Nat after watching this film this summer. I watched it once, didn't pay him much attention, then downloaded it from iTunes and WOW there Nat is! I fell instantly in love. ;) Quite possibly my favorite film regardless of Nat's role.

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06 Oct 2008 19:36 #1109385735 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic Re:Haunted mansion
Hi Corey!:)
I understand you perfectly, Nat we stole the hearts :silly: of many fans with his performance :woohoo: of Master Gracey.
For me it is also my favorite movie;) .
Many greetings.
Amparo from Spain.

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07 Oct 2008 18:42 #1109385745 by Carola
Replied by Carola on topic Re:Haunted mansion
Hi Corey,

my first film or serie was "Inspector Lynley", the next was Nat as "Master Gracey".
Hi looks nice, but the film is not my favorite.
I love "Far from the Madding Crowd" or "Saragossa Sea".
I know not yet all films with Nat.

Greetings from Germany


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20 Nov 2010 14:43 #1109392528 by Yunakitty
Replied by Yunakitty on topic Re:Haunted mansion
Oh wow, now I have to rent the DVD to see the extras!!! I saw some Lynley bloopers on Youtube and they were great. Nat does indeed have a great sounding laugh. And his face when he smiles is the best.

The rest of the movie is mediocre, though. I'd love to see the edited down version focusing only on Master Gracey. Reminds me of a Star Wars edit that my husband told me about, where someone took Episode One and completely removed JarJar Binks!

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