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I'm not familiar with "Inspector Barnaby". Was he the actor who played "Moggy"?

"Moggy" was a total sociopath, but a good fighter pilot.

Hi Lynn

Yes indeed Neil Dudgeon (the new DCI in Midsomer Murders, taking over from John Nettles) was Moggy. He was nuts in this series. A real pain to his fellow men.

Actually I think it is one of the best things Nat has done in his early career. He was the one who really made the whole transition through, like you said, and I felt so heart-broken to see him completely busted and stripped of all illusions he had in the end.

By the way, there's a brilliant making-of book out, well, it's out of print, but you can still purchase it if you're lucky from second hand dealers. Brilliant reading to get all the info. If you're buying the DVD set used it should be around 20-30 US$, but worth every cent in my eyes.

Nat's family had two tragic losses in the British Airforce. They were Sir Peter's brothers, both killed in action during WWII. But you most likely already have read this in the Press section...



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