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Auriga wrote:

I finally found a copy online but it was something like $250 US, so.. I havent seen it yet. I tried getting a library loan but my library wont trade media. Fortunatly some libraries have loosened their restrictions, such as my neighboring library only require a TX drivers license.<br><br>Post edited by: Auriga, at: 2006/11/28 05:19

I know our Nat is priceless, but what are $250 USD DVDs made out of???!?
Precious metals? Fairy technology???

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29 Nov 2006 00:31 #1109380288 by TERRILOVE
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webmistress wrote:


I don't want to sound nosey - but for you folks who live in the USA - ever tried netflix or something like that? ;) Just a thought...


webmistress :woohoo:

It's very tempting...if you're willing to give out your number and if you use
credit cards...give it a shot, why not?
I just don't trust any credit card companies that require you to give away
your rights just to have their card....if you want to keep your rights, at least
in the USA,
you can only trust the ones that don't require binding mandatory arbitration
in the agreement. (Try credit unions or AARP cards.)
Also if you give out your number-once it's out, every company and their autodialer starts calling and it's difficult to get them to stop. (Writing a letter seems to do alot to help with that, but once the autodialing starts I don't think
it ever ends...it just hangs up and dials again and leaves you guessing...)

I don't know how it is outside of the USA...sorry.
Hopefully, binding mandatory arbitration is not the norm.

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29 Nov 2006 15:07 #1109380291 by webmistress
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So, you don't use amazon, paypal - you name them because you don't want to have or use a credit card? Good. OK I couldn't order anything from the UK not the US for that matter. Travelling also gets a bit more difficult, especially renting a car. Not that it would bother me much that I couldn't enjoy anything Nat recorded or acted in nor that I could do something spontaneously. B)

I mean if you really want to nourish your paranoia (mine is also quite healthy thanks a lot), let me tell you what's really bugging me these days: All internet providers are forced to save ALL your emails plus all your internet connections for over six months - just in case. Oh and your phone calls, too. Do you use a mobile? Good for you because if you do that, you've got a nice signal there that allows some nasty person to locate you any time. Hmmm, if you happen to live in London, you are going to be on CCTV about 300 times a day! There ya go - it's as simple as that to make a TV-career... :P

You're not half as private on the internet or in the real world as you think you are, that's for sure. Which leads me to a more philosophical question that lingers in my mind these days: OK if "they" want my data - I'll give them so much data that they are going to get sick. You know what's the real problem? Collect all you can, you can never really analyse it, you are going to drown in that stuff.

I couldn't live without my credit card to be honest for the given reasons. I decided to enjoy the things new technologies grants me - without losing my vigilance naturally. Netflix is a safe company as far as I know - just my two cents. :whistle:


webmistress :cheer:

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"I don't know. I need help. I'm sorry. And something else. [...] I forgot it."
~ Armand Gamache

"If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck." A simplified version of Occam's razor.

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29 Nov 2006 19:23 #1109380294 by Auriga
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What the Aych-EEE-double toothpicks was *I* looking at??? I swear I didn't hallucinate the $250..

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29 Nov 2006 21:18 #1109380295 by TERRILOVE
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about those credit cards...If I can get a good card with a credit union (still too young for AARP, I'd imagine...give me a few decades...) I would use a card
with a decent interest rate. More likely I'd just get a prepaid card/debit card if possible. There are better card companies out there-you just have to know what to look for and what to avoid.

I do love the paranoia here...I'll have to get a phone...but I've heard the pay as you go ones...give more freedom. I think I'd go for those. I can't believe how long and how much of my info is saved to be analyzed.

It's a bit too much, as I'd say.


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30 Nov 2006 17:30 #1109380302 by gamerchick02
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I don't have a credit card either, although I find my debit card very easy to use... It's nice when you find your bank is closed and you need some cash. Those cash machines are really nice!

I have a prepaid cell phone. I prefer it over a "plan" phone because if I don't have the money for it one month, I don't have to pay for it that month. Mine is a Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go.


PS: I agree that there is too much information about you out there. My name has been sold so many times it's unreal. My high school sold my name to credit card companies. I'm not sure if my college did or not, but I think it's wrong for any school to sell your name for anything.

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