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20 Sep 2007 17:59 #1109382619 by inspector
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I have this film on VHS and I love it. I first saw it some years ago on A&E( before it got horrible) and I loved it then. So I was happy to find it for sale. I couldn't find the DVD though, I wonder where Netflix found it. Anyway, I really like the film. He plays the haplessness of his character very well, and his haplessness is enhanced by his youthfulness. What else can I tell you? It's a great suspense drama, sort of British noir and Nat is very gorgeous in it.

There is also an interesting McCallum connection since the woman who plays Joanna to John Hannah's McCallum is Nat's love interest at the beginning of Never Come Back! I love these trivial connections, they give me a strange thrill!
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Somewhere in the forum I have found this message written by a member calls Bess in 2004. Almost 3 years later I have bought this DVD for a fair price after a long search in the internet. I like this movie very much because the story is exciting and Nat plays Desmond Thane so good as usual.

:) :cheer: :)

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21 Sep 2007 14:33 #1109382626 by Lucimon
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what is the movie about???

and about the McCallum connection. I hated Joanna... I was so happy when she left the show.

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21 Sep 2007 15:46 - 04 Dec 2007 15:43 #1109382627 by inspector
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Hi Lucimon,

here you can read all about the movie:
I cannot say much about McCallum, because I have only seen the EP with Nat as yet and this EP I like.
I have a question for you. Can you explain, how you have placed the picture in your signature?

:) :cheer: :)

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Thanks for your help!!:)
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22 Sep 2007 07:54 #1109382633 by webmistress
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Hi Lucimon

it was one of Nat's first leading roles and I had a ball watching him trying to get a grip on what's happening to his character in this one. It's a rather dark 40ties thriller, conspiracy and semi-paranoia tale. Oh, don't forget a touch of film-noire. It's still out on DVD as far as I know. Not shown too often on TV.



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10 Nov 2012 16:06 #1109394889 by Net
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Hi All,

I have just got hold of a Canadian version of the DVD. The first surprise is that it seems to region free. It's the BFS video / BBC gold copy.

Secondly, I remember watching the original on TV (in my early 20s - a while ago now :) ). I enjoyed it then but I really enjoyed watching it again.

I recommend it it anyone, ;) a lot of young Nat for your money!

Take care,


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