War Requiem

21 Jun 2008 14:28 #1109384591 by Stardust12706
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Hi everyone!

Wow, this looks and sounds like a fantastic movie! I love any movie that is in black and white and is something that I didn't live through that I would like to learn more about. Maybe I can ask my mom to buy it for me! ;) I mean, it would help me learn more about WWI! :woohoo:


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23 Jun 2008 13:30 #1109384621 by taupinite
Replied by taupinite on topic Re:War Requiem
Hi guys,

Just to introduce myself: I'm a long-time lurker of this forum, but am only just coming out to post now...

So, hi, I'm Heather, and I'm a student studying for my MA in Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. And of course, I'm a Nat nut. :silly:

But... the real reason for my post: I am indeed planning to attend the Outsiders screening of War Requiem on Thursday in Liverpool (my hometown), and wondered if perhaps any of you would like to arm me with questions ready to pose during Don Boyd's Q&A. If so, let me know ahead of time and I'll try my best to ask during the session!

Heather x

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23 Jun 2008 15:37 - 23 Jun 2008 15:56 #1109384624 by Lisa
Replied by Lisa on topic Re:War Requiem
Hello Hether,
nice to meet you here in our fan forum. Yes you are not the only one, with that disease;)
Well we all got it:silly:
And Jessika help us allways, she did a wonderful job for us!!!
I think that Liverpol is this year european Cultur Town, I´m right?
Well welcom to this forum!!!
Enjoy your time.
A Lady from an industrien Aera
Called The Ruhrdistrict/Germany
p.s. I got no question at the moment.But Thank you:)

Greeting from www.ruhr2010.de
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24 Jun 2008 00:50 #1109384627 by isolde
Replied by isolde on topic Re:War Requiem
By a coincidence, the library in San Francisco just e-mailed me saying "War Requiem" video is ready for me to pick up! So I'm planning to go tomorrow. I probably won't be able to watch it in time to post my questions but am looking forward to finally seeing it. I've had the CD for a long time but not the movie. I love Britten's music, and Fisher-Dieskau (the baritone) is one of my music gods.
Enjoy the screening/discussion. I'm envious that you'll get to go:cheer:

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24 Jun 2008 06:11 #1109384632 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic Re:War Requiem
Hi Heather!:)
Welcome to this fantastic one Nat' s site;) , I expect and desire that enjoyments of all the information that our beloved Jessika gives us, also of our company and above all of that of Nat.
A very loving greeting.:kiss:
Amparo from Spain.:)

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24 Jun 2008 15:02 #1109384634 by tigger
Replied by tigger on topic Re:War Requiem
Heather, what a kind thought and suggestion! Thank-you very much: I really appreciate it. Could you please ask him whether the recording of the requiem was played for the actors as they filmed some parts of the movie (e.g., there's a scene in which Nat moves his hands... I was wondering if he did that in a silent vacuum)? That would be interesting to hear.

And Isolde, Fischer-Dieskau is one of my musical heroes, too. In fact, that's where my love of baritone voices (both singing and speaking) comes from: I've known his voice literally all my life. Actually, when I was 8, I expressed to my mother a wish to be able to sing like him "when I grow up"... My mum burst out laughing and told me, "Sorry, darling, you can't!". It was a while before I understood why. LOL.


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