17 Feb 2009 19:01 #1109387070 by Auriga
Trust was created by Auriga
I finally got to see this. Nice ending. :dry:

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17 Feb 2009 23:58 #1109387076 by Tori
Replied by Tori on topic Re:Trust
I cant find this one anywhere always hear good things about it though. Your lucky, do you mind me asking where you came across it?

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18 Feb 2009 18:31 - 23 Feb 2009 14:42 #1109387079 by Lisa
Replied by Lisa on topic Re:Trust
Hello Tori
well I had a look at amazon, maybe you look at you contryside for the other actor:
Trust - Caroline Goodall, Mark Strong, Chris Armstrong, und John Burgess
I saw only the german dubbed version, it was cheep, but only in german... or try a look in you labory, I read some entry from other fan´s they borrow there. So anyway good luck to you, because it´s really worth to watch.
Greetings Lisa

Greeting from
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20 Feb 2009 20:42 #1109387116 by DRae
Replied by DRae on topic Re:Trust
I haven't seen Trust either, although I believe it is available in a region 4 version from I don't know if this will play on a DVD player set for all-region or not. I wasn't even aware that there were different region codes until I joined this forum. I didn't order the DVD yet. I looked at the manual for my DVD player and it says it will play region I and all-region. I need to do a google search and figure all of this out.
I did find the Poirot episode that has Nathaniel Parker at our local library recently. It's not a big role but he gets to play a charming but murderous villain. I didn't realize that he had played so many bad guys.
I still haven't downloaded any movies. After all of the warnings from Jessika and others I am a bit nervous to do so. Most of the sites I have seen require registration, and I don't want to get a virus on my brand new lap-top. We can only hope that with Lynley sales being so good, BBC and such will release some of his older movies for sale.

Donna Rae

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23 Feb 2009 14:03 #1109387150 by Medodrome
Replied by Medodrome on topic Re:Trust
Hi all,

I am looking for trust for a long time now, but cannot find it anywhere.
I need region code 2, but I believe that on regionfree DVD players you can play all the codes.
So maybe I can get one in another code than code 2, I believe that will do it on my DVD player.

I don't like to download too, but sometimes there is no other way to get something, especially the old movies with Nat.

Keep on searching...

Many greetings, Erika

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23 Feb 2009 14:37 #1109387152 by inspector
Replied by inspector on topic Re:Trust
Hi Erika,

as Lisa has written, I only could find the German dubbed version of trust too, but thank God, that's no problem for me. The movie is really worth to see.

:):laugh: :)

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